More than 300,000 people from all walks of life engage in Y programs, striving to reach their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body across more than 130 Y locations throughout central Maryland.

  • $25 million raised and invested in 2017 to support 15,771 vulnerable youth and families, all of whom live in poverty
  • 9,607 children and adults take swim lessons, learning to safely enjoy the benefits of water exercise and fun
  • 7,200 students and their families are supported by 12 Community Schools in economically distressed neighborhoods
  • 7,544 youth engage in Y camp and after school enrichment programs keeping them safe, learning and happy while their parents work
  • 6,377 volunteers enabled to fulfill their innate drive for a greater sense of purpose while helping others

Please join us in creating a stronger community for all by investing in our children, families and adults. Contact President & CEO, John Hoey, at