Y personal trainers are certified fitness professionals who are experts at working with you to build an effective health and wellness routine that meets your needs. They specialize in a variety of training styles, including:

  • Sport-specific personal training (i.e. football, running, etc.)
  • Injury recovery personal training
  • Personal training for medical conditions
  • Personal training for seniors
  • Personal training for youth
  • General personal training

Styles vary by trainer.



With a trainer by your side, you will have a certified, experienced guide to motivate you through all the ups and downs of physical fitness, making sure you meet your goals.


Exercises that were effective a month ago may not be today. A personal trainer will provide a variety of workouts to keep your spirit, mind and body challenged.


Boredom is one of the top reasons people stray from their workout routine. A personal trainer will not only notice the early warning signs of burnout, but can provide new challenges to keep your mind interested and your body engaged.


All of our personal trainers have gone through rigorous exercise and safety certifications to be sure that your program is not only effective, but also safe.


When you exercise on your own, it can be hard to resist the temptation to sleep in or go home early. By simply being there at a designated time each day, your personal trainer gives you the extra push you need to commit to your regime and personal fitness goals.



  1. Meet our trainers by reviewing the personal trainer bios that are posted in center and online on our Meet Our Trainers page. Feel free to contact a potential trainer if you have questions.
  2. Once you know who you want to train with, go to your Y center and purchase your personal training package at the Welcome Desk. Payment for the full package is due at the time of set up.
  3. You will be contacted by your trainer within 72 business hours to schedule your first training session. 

Not sure which trainer to choose? No worries, we can help! Just contact the Fitness Director at your Y center.



3 sessions $117 $189
6 sessions $222 $366
12 sessions $420 $708
18 sessions $594 $1,026
25 sessions $744 $1,320