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Therapeutic exercise is used to help manage chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis and cancer through a variety of wellness classes and programs that lead participants through a series of structured physical movements, postures, or activities aimed at relieving symptoms, remediating impairments, increasing motor function, and improving the overall quality of life. Exercise programs are often prescribed by a medical professional. 

Some Y centers currently offer the following therapeutic exercise programs:


Livestrong at the Y offers adults affected by cancer a safe, supportive environment to participate in physical and social activities focused on strengthening the whole person. Medical studies have shown that moderate levels of appropriate physical activity can reduce fatigue, boost self-esteem and improve muscle strength and physical endurance in individuals following cancer treatment. And cancer survivors speak to the positive impact supportive relationships have on their quality of life.

LIVESTRONG at the Y provides individualized attention and an approach to recovery that targets the areas you need to rebuild. There’s no competition here—physical activities are tailored to match only what you’re able to accomplish.

Y associates are specially trained to work with cancer survivors and patients and follow American College of Sports Medicine and American Cancer Society exercise guidelines. They’re empathetic exercise experts who can understand your unique physical needs and concerns and help you address them safely.


This free, 12-week program meets twice a week for 90 minutes, using traditional exercise methods to ease you back into fitness and help you maintain a healthy weight. The focus is on:

  • building muscle mass and strength
  • increasing flexibility and endurance
  • improving confidence and self-esteem

For more information or to inquire about participation, please contact the following Y centers: The Orokawa Y in Towson at 410-823-8870, the Y in Pasadena at 410-437-4242, and the Y in Arnold at 410-544-2525.


Pedaling for Parkinson’s™ is a program that uses high-cadence pedaling as a way to improve motor functions and relieve many symptoms. Fast pedaling is not a cure for Parkinson’s, but there is compelling research that shows on average, a 35% improvement in motor function is possible.

Results vary due to the broad range of Parkinson’s symptoms, but can include reduction of tremors and dyskinesia, as well as cardiovascular benefits, increased leg strength, and better balance and core strength.

Pedaling for Parkinson’s™ is suitable for those diagnosed with Idiopathic PD. Classes are driven by fast-paced music and participants at every fitness level are challenged to improve their performance on an ongoing basis.


  • Medical provider consent and clearance form required to register
  • Free participation for Y members and guests with medical consent
  • Program meets three times a week 
  • Cycling instructor with Parkinson’s knowledge leads every session
  • Care partner participation is encouraged, but not required
  • Community engagement and activity in a fun and supportive environment

For more information or to inquire about participation, please contact the following Y ceners: The Dancel Y in Ellicott City at 410-465-4334 and the Weinberg Y in Waverly at 410-889-9622


Much like Pedaling for Parkinson’s, boxing has improved motor function and quality of life benefits as well. When boxers work out, they condition for agility, speed, endurance, accuracy, balance and strength - many of the same functions that decline in people with Parkinson’s.

The program can be modified for all fitness levels and all stages of the disease. Activities may include exercises that improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and posture, as well as punching combinations on a bag and working with a trainer. This is not a physical contact program.

For more information or to inquire about participation, please contact the Y in Arnold at 410-544-2525.