Small group training programs are 30-, 45-, or 60-minutes long and combine the energy of group exercise with the individual attention of personal training.


  • Training with a small group increases motivation, performance and enjoyment
  • Ability to divide the cost of a personal trainer with others
  • Only 6-8 people in a program
  • All programs led by certified personal trainers

Register for small group training at a Y Center or sign up online.


Small group training programs vary by location.  A partial list of programs is listed below. To see what is currently available at your Center, go to online registration.


LES MILLS GRIT® is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout designed with short rounds of high-intensity exercise followed by periods of strategic recovery. All fitness levels welcome.


TRX® is a total body workout that activates all of your muscles at once to build strength, mobility and endurance. All fitness levels welcome.

Women on Weights

Small group training for women. Learn how to use weights to maximize your exercise regimen and target specific muscle groups. Focus on proper weightlifting, form and execution to achieve specific strength and power goals. Class will utilize free weights, body weight, kettle bells and many other tools to provide confidence and mastery of safe weight training.


Program focuses on use of Total Gym Gravity trainers. Involves total body resistance exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability using your natural body weight. All fitness levels welcome.


Participants use a boxing stand with 12 pads specifically set up to replicate different styles of punching, allowing combination punches. Through 7 rounds of active punching and active recovery, you will hit every aspect of total body conditioning! All fitness levels welcome.


Focusing on basic movement patterns of push, pull, squat, bend, lunge and twist, participants use the Queenax apparatus to perform a wide variety of functional and suspended movements. You will get a total body workout that can be customized to meet your fitness goals and lifestyle. All fitness levels welcome.


Program may include any or all components of strength, functional training, high intensity interval training, cardio, or other specialties.




Small group training packages are available in four, six or eight week sessions. Rates are based on the length of each program and how many times it is offered in a session.

Length of Class Cost per Class
30 Minutes $10 per class
45 Minutes $15 per class
60 Minutes $20 per class


Some Y Centers offer drop-in options for small group training. Drop-in is a good way to try a program before registering for a full package.

Length of Program Cost per Drop-In
30 minutes $15 per drop-in
45 minutes $20 per drop-in
60 minutes $25 per drop-in