Y personal trainers are friendly, certified fitness professionals who are experts at designing a health & wellness routine specifically for you. One-on-one training and small group personal training are available.


Alice Lium

Alice Lium Weinberg PT

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Philosophy: I welcome people just starting to exercise and those with limitations. Let's enjoy moving in a way that helps us become healthier, stronger, more flexible and happier!

Certifications: Y-certified personal trainer, ACE Certified Personal Trainer


Dan Harris

Daniel Harris Weinberg PT

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Philosophy: For lasting change, diet and exercise should be lifelong commitments. Making lifestyle changes can seem daunting, so my goal is to simplify this commitment through efficient training principles and a variety of methods that are not only challenging, but enjoyable as well.

Training Specialties: Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss, Body Composition

Certifications: NSCA Certified Personal Trainer


Amaadi Coleman

Amaddi Coleman Weinberg PT

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Philosophy: Physical fitness is an important part of a high quality life. By consistently exercising, you feel better and stronger with each move you make.  Let’s work together to set and achieve your fitness goals.

Training Specialties: Weight Loss, Body Weight Training, Core Conditioning, Free Weight Training, Distance Running Training

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer


AJ Safi

AJ Albert Safi Weinberg PT

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Philosophy: Behavior change is at the core of a successful workout routine and diet.  Understanding your habits and how to tweak them will create a lifetime of health. By combining short-term and long-term goals, you can achieve the results you want and maintain those results.

Training Specialties: Functional movement, Strength training, Athletic & Sport functions, Body composition, Behavior change

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Billy Holevas

Billy Holevas Weinberg PT Headshot

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Philosophy: One of the best quotes I read during my studies was “the human body was designed to move”.  I encourage everyone to be active and live a healthy lifestyle.

Training Specialties: • Healthy Eating • Core Conditioning • Weight Loss • Postural Improvement• Strength Training

Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Nutrition Specialist


Alexandra Francois

Alexandra Francois Weinberg PT Headshot

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Philosophy: Training is medicine! To me, it’s not about exercising. It’s about developing a training mindset that will allow you to make living fit a lifestyle that you will never depart from.

Training Specialties: • Strength and Conditioning • Speed and Agility • Olympic Weight Lifting • Muscle Tone • Weight Loss

Certifications: ACSM-CPT, USA Weightlifting Coach Level 1