Y personal trainers are friendly, certified fitness professionals who are experts at designing a health & wellness routine specifically for you. One-on-one training and small group personal training are available.


Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne Ward PT

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Philosophy: Understanding the significance and benefits of cardiovascular training and weight training allows you to create and maintain a healthier and more productive lifestyle!

Training Specialties: Youth Football Training/Conditioning, Youth Lacrosse Training/Conditioning

Certifications: NPTI Personal Trainer, NPTI Nutrition


Barbara Wolfe

Barbara Wolfe Ward PT

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Philosophy: Fitness is a journey; it is my obligation to guide and assist individual clients to find their right balance in life.

Specialties: Resistance, Interval Training

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer


Markese Hayden

Markese Hayden Ward PT

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Philosophy: We all deserve to live a life without limitations and barriers. My goal is to teach you that exercise enhances your overall well-being. Let me help you achieve the life you deserve!

Specialties: Bariatric patients, individuals seeking weight loss, senior fitness, running and overall general fitness.

Certifications: Bachelor's of Science in Exercise and Sports, Science, ACSM Exercise Physiologist Certification, ACSM Exercise is Medicine Level One Certification


Dylan Galicki


Dylan Galicki Ward PT

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Specialties: Weight loss, resistance training, kickboxing, sports specific performance

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Melissa Fisher

Melissa Fisher Ward PT


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Training Specialties: Strength training, body composition

Certifications: NETA Certified Personal Trainer


Eric Scanlon

Eric Scanlon Ward PT

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Philosophy: Work hard and give 100% and good things will happen for you.

Specialties: Rehabilitation and injury prevention, strength and conditioning, sport specific athletic training

Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) - NSCA, 3rd Year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student


Marsha Williams

Marsha Williams Ward PT

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Philosophy: No matter age, ability or experience I will help you reach the goals you set for yourself!

Specialties: Youth training and coaching, Running, Senior fitness, Injury rehabilitation

Certifications: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, NASM Certified Personal Trainer